"Līdzjūtība", SIA, Narkoloģijas centrs

Lielvardes 68, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

+371 67038292

Sympathy has been operating since 1988. annual. Director - doctor -
Boriss Cjackis. Certificate: S-23-A. Alcoholism treatment: drinking
period and hangover termination and in-patient treatment. Coding, (A.
Dovčenko method). Preparation "Torpēda" and "Ampula" input, hypnosis.
Drug treatment. Detoxification. The course of treatment in hospital
and outpatient. Coding. Nicotine, tobacco dependence treatment. Weight
loss, anxiety. Help in case of gambling addiction. Narcologist, psychiatrist,
addiction 24-hour assistance. For people with disabilities, seniors,
low-income 10 - 30% discount.