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    "Līdzjūtība", Ltd, Narcology center

    "Līdzjūtība", Ltd, Narcology center

    Lielvardes 68-6 (in territory of former Railway Hospital), Riga, LV-1006


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    Day-and-night service 67038292
    E-mail lidzjutibamed@inbox.lv

    Working time

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    0000-2400 0000-2400 0000-2400 0000-2400 0000-2400 0000-2400 0000-2400


    • Narcologist, Narcological aid, Alcoholism treatment,
    • Sympathy has been operating since 1988. annual. Director - doctor -
    • Boriss Cjackis. Certificate: S-23-A. Alcoholism treatment: drinking
    • and hangover period termination and in-patient treatment. Coding, (A.
    • Dovčenko method, methodology). Preparation "Torpēda" and "Ampula" input,
    • hypnosis. Drug treatment. Detoxification. The course of treatment in
    • hospital and outpatient. Coding. Nicotine, tobacco dependence treatment.
    • Weight loss, anxiety. Help in case of gambling addiction. Narcologist,
    • psychiatrist, addiction 24-hour assistance. For disabled persons, for
    • retired persons, for underprivileged 10 - 30% discount.


    Juridiskā informācijain cooperation with Firmas.lv

    Registration Number 50002000721
    Reģistrācijas izsniegšanas datums30.05.1991
    VAT numberLV50002000721

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